Shrapnel and Starships

by Jesse Durovey

Works (Click Here for Full List)

Short Fiction:

Afghan Ghosts” (published in riverSedge, Vol. 29: available here.)

  • Co-Winner of the 2016 riverSedge Prose Prize!

“Lead Poisoning” (published in riverSedge, Vol. 29.)

Flash Fiction:

“The Airlock”

  • A flash fiction with subtle sci-fi elements. A story about space, relationships, and international conflict.
  • “The Airlock” was shortlisted by Brilliant Flash Fiction for their 2016 Science Fiction Contest. There were 423 international submissions, and I was truly honored to have a place among the many talented stories. Please, click the link to find my story. Although I highly suggest readers spend time perusing the many amazing science fiction stories, if one is in a crunch for time and having trouble finding my story simply type Ctrl+f and search for the title.

Night Hag” (published in One Hundred Voices by Centum Press)

  • Please enter “Jesse Durovey” on your order form!


Literary Criticism:

Taking a Steam Hose to the Reader’s Heart: An Aristotelian Response to Randall Jarrell

‘Bent Double’ and Alienated in World War I: A Comparative Evaluation of Wilfred Owen



Tears in the Dark” (published in Pecan Grove Review XVII.)

The Reaping

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